$75.00 / month for 8 months

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Learn how to play the fascinating, awe-inspiring taiko with San Diego’s Premier Taiko troop – Genbu Daiko!

Taiko playing requires great energy and teamwork – its expression is primal and earthy. Taiko playing is also great exercise. It is a musical activity that is challenging and fun, and offers wonderful benefits for our CPJMA students.

Learn the technical basics of taiko and sample a few specific playing styles in our Beginners classes – the perfect starting ground for your taiko learning journey. Over the 8-week curriculum, you will be introduced to the foundations of taiko, including exploring traditional playing styles and learning the names of the many different drums that make up the taiko family.

Prior musical training is not required – just bring yourself and an open heart and mind! All of our classes have a welcoming and fun atmosphere and we are sure you will walk away with rhythm in your body