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Homework Help

Homework hour occurs every day, Monday-Thursday, for the 1st hour of our program. During this time, all of our teachers help students complete their homework and also provide extra assistance if students need help with a certain academic topic.

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Hip Hop Dance

Learn about basic dance skills such as keeping rhythm, developing body control, and following choreography with Ms. Tamara! Dancers develop musicality, creativity, listening skills and coordination.

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World Cultures

Travel the world with Ms. Cynthia and discover the vast diversity of the cultures around us! During this class, students will learn about the cultures that exist all around the world and explore the differences that make every culture unique.

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Japanese Language & Culture

Yokohama is a city in Japan, and this program seeks to spread all of the exciting things Japanese culture has to offer. With Hitomi Sensei, students learn how to both speak and write Japanese while discovering what it is like to live in Japan.

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Game Design

In this technology class, students will solve puzzles, build storylines, and discover the foundations of what goes into creating their favorite games. Mr. Archer will guide students on immersive adventure quests and researching new solutions together!

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Team Building

During team building activities, students will play exciting games that help develop collaboration, creativity, and problem solving skills! Students will compete against each other in these games while still practicing their teamwork and sportsmanship.

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In Karate class, students build self-confidence, self-control, and self-defense. Hitomi Sensei teaches the students different blocks, strikes, and kicks for self-defense alongside discipline and patience. This physical activity will have students strengthening both their minds and bodies!

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During English, students work on grammar, sentence structure, and spelling to improve their English skills! Ms. Tamara challenges students with puzzles and games to practice their reading and writing strategies while also reviewing English topics addressed in Common Core standards.

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Arts & Crafts

Students learn about different art styles and medium while exploring their creativity with Ms. Cynthia! Students will practice painting, using chalk pastels, drawing, and more in this class.

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Connect the World

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My name is Cynthia Le and I am the current Program Director for Connect the...

I have 3 years teacher experience in the Japanese public elementary school where I taught...

My name is Archer and I'm an instructor for the Connect the World After School...

My name is Tamara Pasana and I’m the Site Director for Connect the World After...

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